Pet Relocation Testimonials

Hi Anupama,

Would like to say a big thank you for your exceptional service provided by you and your company in bringing our dog, Nayla, from the USA to Mumbai.
The prompt manner in which all the document were obtained and the handling of Nayla at the Mumbai airport,especially the continuous updates via SMS,whilst Nayla was in the cargo area, really impressed us..we were extremely relieved and happy to see that our beloved dog was in great shape.
You were always available on the matter what time it was in Mumbai,you always took our calls.
Thanks have provided us with exceptional service and we very highly recommend any pet owner to use your services.

Best Regards,
Kaiz and Ayesha DadyBurjor 


Hi Anupama,
Hope the wound that Leo gave you has healed.
We are gradually settling in Dubai. Leo still does not leave me for a minute.Follows mw everywhere.I am also not forcing things on him, let him take his own time to build up the confidence that I will once again not leave him  with new faces.

Anupama I am so glad that I found you on the net.It was just by chance that it happened. And when I spoke to you,I felt confident that Leo would be in very safe hands and I can totally and completely rely on you with my sweetheart. All his paper work for his move from Toronto to Mumbai was done on time and efficiently and so was his move from Mumbai to Dubai was well taken care of. Thank you so much for all the effort and the confidence that you build in me and making this long move for Leo and my family so easy.I will surely recommend you to all whom I know.
Thank you once again for all the help.

Take care.
Sunita Mathur
Hello Petvacations Team!

Little Gunner is HERE! He's really here! Thank you guys so much!
I've decided that Gunner is going to be Raj now. I have a horse named Queen, another dog named Jack, and now I have a dog named Raj (King)! He has learned how to "sit" and "lay down" so far.

I have taken him on 2 runs, and he LOVES it! My dog Jack is a bit fat, and it really shows when he's next to Raj! Raj can run for EVER it seems like! He's such a good little dog. Here are some pictures of him and his new home so far. The hairy dog is my other dog Jack. Jack's feelings were hurt when Raj first got here because he likes to be the center of attention, but they've gotten along since the beginning.

Abby Johnston
Tulsa, Oklahoma
Dear Anupama

Thanks for the great care you took of Amore. She has reached Oman safely and looks totally fine.
Thank you once again for the handling both on the domestic front as well as her international relocation.

Archana Sajith
Dear Anupama,

Just a quick email to advise that our girlfriend VARGA has savely arrived in the Netherlands (Holland).
This morning we got a warm welcome from VARGA on Schiphol Airport. The check by the vet was done, customs clearance was easy, and than we had the approval to go home.
First thing we did was to take her out in a forest near Schiphol airport and she was smelling all different things and she did what all dogs do...

Than we travelled for 1 1/2 hour home, where she was warmly welcomed by our 2 cats.
That relationship will grow slowly we believe and we will see how it works out, the first hello was not aggressive so we are positive about that.
For now as it is also my birthday today, I only want to say once agian a BIG THANKS to you.
Also from VARGA !
Warmest regards from us all in Nijmegen,

Gerard Peters

Hi I'm Varga,  
As you will see, I am doing well in Nijmegen, The Netherlands. I found a warm welcome and am adjusting fine with all my friends in the park and beautifull forrest near the city. I have opened an email account and thought it would be nice to also place some Video's on to You Tube.  

Thus this one is the first. Of course typing was a little difficult but Willem and Gerard helped me sometimes.
Thanks and many greetings,



Thanks and many greetings,

Dear Anupama,

Thank you for your services. I was impressed by the efficiency and the
professionalism of your organization. I was extremely anxious about the
entire import process and it was a huge relief to work with someone like you
through the process as it gave me a lot of peace of mind. I appreciated the
personal attention and the knowledge of the business, and your obvious
passion for dogs.

I will definitely recommend your services to my friends.
Over and above that, your website is an excellent source of information.
Congrats and keep up the good work.

Rohan Parikh
The Natvar Parikh Group

Just wanted to let you know how grateful I am that you were around helping me get Schubert back from England to India.
I was so anxious about travelling with a puppy and Pet Vacations surpassed all my expectations in handling the entire ordeal of importing and clearing a Dog into India.
I loved that you were always so approachable, always available, working tirelessly and treated the whole situation with utmost dedication and sincerity.
Made my job a whole lot simpler!
Thanks a lot.... will recommend you without a second doubt to all doggy friends looking to export/import or simply travel with pets!

Lots of Love and Thanks from,

Schubert and Tanur.
Dear Anupama, Vinayak and all Petvacations team

This is from Neil and Ramu, who you helped export from Mumbai to UK 6 months ago.

I hope you are all very well. Looking back at my two years in India I still feel privileged to have met you. The time Ramu and I spent in Mumbai was very special and I keep remembering how well you looked after us, especially you taking us to the best spot in Mumbai and Ramu and I jogging all round that area.

Ramu is just out of quarantine.

I have visited Ramu daily, realising very late in the day I should be taking her fresh food not commercial pet food. She has a course of weekly evening dog obedience lessons booked for when she leaves, and Ramu and I have entries for two countryside jogging events.

Anupama and Vinayak - your professionalism, hard work and also kindnesses really remembered by me.

Neil Scott
I am happy to inform you that Benji arrived safely at Mumbai airport from the US. He was a bit disoriented but he is coming along well. The documentation was perfect and we had no problems at all to get the Customs clearance. I and Milind want to thank you for the excellent yet very personal help that you provided.
At this end, Pet vacations provided us with excellent service. I am marking a copy of this message to

Anupama Vinayak ( The lady who owns and runs the company). You may get in touch with her if you do any business with India in future. When you write to her she can provide you with all her business coordinates.
Gouri and Milind Nagle
Many thanks again for you help and I was very happy with your service. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to any of my Mumbai friends who are shipping a pet.
We were also fortunate to have chosen to travel on Singapore Airlines as they were also very professional from start to finish.
Oreo seems to be fine and is eating well but he has been "crying" abit during the nights but I think that he is just abit disorientated and jet lagged and so last night we left a light on for him and he was better.

We were out and about yesterday and I was pleased to see that there is a vet,s office close by and they seemed very nice and it was very clean and friendly.
Thanks again and all the best for continued success, 

Anna and Oreo.

Pet Vacations have been the right election to move my dog to India from Spain. Everything was easy and they provide a high level service.

I have spoken with the Spanish Consulate & with my bank to recommend your company.

Jose C. G. Rebollar
SG Private Banking India, Mumbai

Pet Vacations helped me export my dog from Bangalore to the UK. I am very glad I chose them. Anupama really took an interest and care throughout the whole procedure, which took about a month, with lots patience from Anupama to answer all my many emails during that time! Pet Vacations were helpful constantly through the whole process. Only when I saw the huge pile of papers at the airport did I realise just how much paperwork work had been done. Having got my dog into quarantine in the UK I am even more aware now than at the time of the practical and friendly help provided at every step of the export process. Anupama's efforts all came together when I was looked after like a friend when my dog and I got to Mumbai. At the airport the British Airways cargo handler and the customs officer were all organised by Anupama who was personally in attendance. Despite my worries, the process went without difficulties, thanks I know to Anupama's hard work. This testimonial is to thank Anupama and her team for the incredible help given to me.

If you need to export a dog, from personal experience I recommend Pet Vacations.

Neil Scott
West Yorkshire


Dear Anupama,

Our experience on relocating our 3 year old pet labrador from Mumbai to Chennai was a very positive one. We think that taking the cage a few days before the final departure helped put our pet at ease. We would give him all his snacks in the cage and then the same was not so alien anymore. We spoke to the airline (jet airways)beforehand and sounded them off accordingly. He was taken in on a leash all excited into the domestic airport. We put his mattress inside the cage. The airline was quick in weighing him with the cage and almost immediately he was escorted to the airplane. He did voice his displeasure in loud tones to everyones amusement and curiosity.

Once he realised that we were not around he sobered down and guess enjoyed the flight. My son wanted to know whether the oxygen mask would drop down for him too in case of an emergency. I of course replied in the affirmative.

When we reached Chennai airport Coco was first to come out on the conveyor belt all calm and curious. But no sooner than he saw us he barked (I would like to think that it was with joy and relief). Once we were out of the airport we let him loose and welcomed him to the sight and smells of his new home.

Your service was very prompt. Your rep was at the airport to recieve the empty cage that avoided me lugging it all over the place. In my opinion The cost was very reasonable.

best regards
Merlyn Raj.


Hi Anupama,

My name is Urjita Kashalikar. I am currently in London with my husband. I have three dogs ( 1 male boxer, 1 male labrador, 1 female boxer). All three are within the age group 1-2 years. I have the up to date vaccination papers for all three of them. I have registration papers for only 2 of them as the female boxer is adopted. I have made all the quarantine arrangements in London and have already couriered the import licence to my address in Thane, Mumbai, India. My dogs are currently put up in a kennel on the outskirts of Thane. I am looking for someone who can help transport them to London Heathrow by arranging their crates, export documenation, air ticket as cargo, picking them from the kennel in mumbai and putting them on a flight to UK. I need to get them here on a direct flight which lands at heathrow during the day upto 6pm preferably by the 19th.

Urjita Kashalikar
Hounslow Middlesex,
London, UK.

Dear Anupama,

Thanx for all your help in getting our three dogs to London. My husband visited the quarantine kennel yesterday. By the time he reached, they were already there and they had been cleaned and fed. So they were very active. They must have had a peaceful flight since they dint seem tired at all. I still cant believe that they are here. My past two months have been all about looking for a cargo person and trying to get them here and now its all over. Thanx again for doing it all so quickly and smoothly. Im so glad I came across your website and after that everything just fell into place. I will be visiting them next week hopefully. I will keep you posted. Thanx again.

Urjita Kashalikar
Hounslow Middlesex,
London, UK.


Dear Anupama,

We would like to thank you Petvacations for all their help regarding import of our pet dog and 2 cats from Germany to India. The support was remarkable, everything was done immediately. All questions, worries were answered in a professional way. We could call them 24 hrs per day for any help. The quarantine issues were arranged very quickly, so that the animals would not suffer at all.

We felt more than welcome and would like to thank you very much.

Kelly Johnson


Hello Anupama,

Thanks for your quick response. For the first time, I get a clear message on what actually needs to be done. I was in touch with some Bangalore based movers who had different procedures and different documentation requirements as well.

I will talk to my girl friend in Germany later today and we will get back to you. She is quite concerned about how the animals will be handled and if everything in terms of documentation is ok. We might call you together to clarify certain things. Hope to talk to you later today.

Thanks again and regards, 


Dear Anupama,

Thank you for you clear response. After weeks working on this move, I about gave up. The clearing agents and others were never helpful and always an enormous amount which I cannot afford. I have been to India each year since 1984 and look forword to spending longer amounts of time. I will certainly use your assistance as soon as my plans are confirmed here. My destination is either Bangalore or Chennai if this is helpful. Perhaps Chennai is easier I don't know. I will select an airline most reasonable. I cannot thank you enough and will recommend you to all my friends both here and in India.

Gratefully Yours,
Edward Hansen



Here is my feedback to the most daring thing i have done so far - shipping my dog from Mumbai to Goa. It was a tense activity physically and most importantly mentally. Priority number one was, in what container to sent it in.

Anupama, has been very helpful in with this issue ... also an addition help on cost. Excellent service, when ever i have called the call was attended.

All in all i am happy with the service

John Abraham


Hi Anupama

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for creating such an amazing data bank in

Simple yet so helpful, it indeed is the one stop shop for all our Poochie queries..!!!

Our first time travel with our pet dog Buddy was all thanks to you providing us the cage on rent, else it would have been extremely difficult.

The tips on air travel with pets on your website were really helpful.
Thanks and keep up the good work.

Manish Diwan
Manager-Market Development
Vodafone Essar Ltd, Mumbai.
Dear Anupama, 

Just a note to confirm Binkie and Gabbie reached home safely and both look incredibly content and happy. 
Thank you so much for all your assistance in helping them get home. It looks as though the journey was relatively easy for them and they have both long since forgotten it. Couldn't thank you enough for everything. 

Kind regards, Georgina & Jason Howes


Pet Vacations India services include obtaining the NOC & Health Certificate for your dog in Mumbai, India.

For NOC & other import procedures of your dog contact:
Anupama Vinayak/ + 91 22 9819880222

The NOC document takes about 5 working days to obtain.

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